Monument Valley, UT

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Last Sunday, the first ever Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Storytelling Event was held in Monument Valley, organized by Utah Diné Bikéyah (@protectbearsears on IG). Hopi, Navajo, Ute, Acoma, Zuni, and Jemez presenters came together to share their cultures and traditions with an engaged audience.
Like so many other events and meetings around Bears Ears over the last few years, the day was blessed with precious moisture. This was just after sunrise on Sunday, with the buttes and mesas held closely in fog.

Representative Reuben Gallego also attended, after touring Bears Ears National Monument. Congressman Gallego has introduced H.R. 4518, the Bears Ears National Monument Expansion Act, which would expand Bears Ears National Monument to the boundaries proposed by the 5 Tribes in 2015. Representative Gallego’s bill has 114 co-sponsors, compared to Representative John Curtis’ bill to gut bears ears which has only 3 co-sponsors.

Curtis’ bad bill has had hearings, while Gallego’s good bill has not. Contact your House rep and ask them to push for hearings on H.R. 4518!

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