Hoover Dam, AZ/NV

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What’s this? Infrastructure? More than just pretty pictures, it can be the job of the landscape photographer to show the causes of degradation of the landscape as well. In that spirit, I bring you Hoover Dam – an engineering marvel that allowed the paving, lighting, watering and habitation of the Mojave Desert. Visiting the site was surreal – foreign tourists pulling plants out of the ground, fees to park on NPS/BuRec managed property and a general sense that this is one of the things international visitors must check off their Las Vegas vacation list for not much more reason that just the checking off. Compared to the nauseating fakeness of Vegas, I guess this does count as a nature outing. I am still puzzled why the tourists near this scene felt like they had to pull a lone Winter fat shrub out of the ground. Their own small act of dominion over nature that Hoover Dam represents?

I am probably overthinking it…

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