Horseshoe Bend, AZ

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Like Mesa Arch in Canyonlands NP, every southwestern landscape photographer must have a shot of Horseshoe Bend,  just outside the strange little  burg of Page, AZ.  As it is TripAdvisor’s #1 Page, AZ  attraction,  I was one of about 45 folks here on the evening above, a good dozen of us with DSLRs and tripods. It was mildly amusing to jockey for position on the cliff edge. I should note that fewer than half a dozen of the 45 there were Americans. I guess even with Europe’s economic woes, the dollar is still low enough to make the American West a travel bargain. Mercifully, the sickly yellow-brown  NOx plume from the local coal plant was blowing to the southeast this evening, away from the Bend. More than the HDR here makes this scene unnatural – the Colorado River should be reddish brown with sediment – not the trout-stream blue green that Glen Canyon Dam makes it. The golden carpet of exotic “cheat” grass river left also reminds us that what appears natural often isn’t. Once I gather a few more images of these over-photographed sites, I’ll be all set to open my landscape photo gallery in Vegas. And unlike Peter Lik’s at the Venetian, the images I display won’t be out of focus or enlarged beyond their resolution capability…  Since sarcasm doesn’t read well in print, I assure you my snide comments here are tongue in cheek…

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